Remote Workers

Why should I consider Remote Workers?

Remote workers are the future for many careers. For roles that do not require face to face interaction, this is the way for companies to save money on real estate. It also proves to be an effective solution to combat outbreaks such as Covid-19. It has also been proven that remote workers are more productive and more satisfied employees.

Jowicom specialist department of remote workers, assists employers identifying and placing candidates that have relevant experience working from home or remotely.

Remote Workers

Remote worker or home based professionals are becoming more of an established practice. This is a cost effective method of increasing work force and lowering costs, such as providing new offices. Click on the link for more reasons to use remote workers

Cloud services and communication apps, make remote work seamless, effective and has proven to be more productive than tradition office based work. Of course their is still a occasions to meet and discuss in person. This type of work is more relevant to 'white-collar' roles.


  1. Reduction in new employee set-up costs
  2. Prove increase in productivity
  3. Travel time saving
  4. Reductions in sick leave
  5. If a remote worker is contagious, it won't affect office staff (refer 2.)
  6. Employer branding including work / life balance
  7. Retention of employees, less staff churn (refer 2.)
  8. Less internal office politics, increases good communication (refer 2.)


  1. This method of working is not appropriate for any role
  2. On-boarding can be tricky initially, but worth the challenge, as technology has made it easier than ever.
  3. Security can be an issue if there is no centralised cloud based CRM
specialist recruitment for remote workers


Home based or remote workers on average much happy in their natural environment. Jowicom has obtained great relationships with a vast network of experience home based and remote workers. They often come to us to find them new roles, and we are building on our reputation as the recruiter consultancy to assist companies source and recruit, experienced home based or remote professions.

We offer this service in our RPO services as well.

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