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Jowicom offers discrete professional headhunting service or executive search services. We have assisted companies in just about all industries, headhunting for leaders of their industry to accelerate the value and strategy of their companies. Board members are key for a company, especially executives that are forward thinking and understand the company ethos and environment. Thats where we come in...

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Why Our Clients Choose us for Headhunting services

  • Discretion has been key to our success, respecting our existing clients and assisting key board members with new transitions
  • Networking is one of our great strengths, using modern techniques and exciting new tech tools, allows us to make contact with the relevant executives
  • Act as a third party through the entire process to allow for smooth transition of employment
  • Matching key executives with our clients objectives commercially, strategically and ethically
  • Most of our clients are London based and we provide nationwide UK headhunting services, but it doesn't stop there.
  • We also have clients in the US, Canada, Europe and we are now looking to provide our services for Australia and South Africa.

Our Strategy

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Our recent investments enabled us to network with amazing industries leaders and industry disrupters. Jowicom has strategically associated ourselves with the worlds largest professional social media network and we have also webbed ourselves to a multitude of executive networking sites. Out latest news updates can be found on this link.

For this reason we offer some of the best value for executive search services. To get a quote please fill out the form below.

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