Architecture Competency Lead, HOSTING SPACE

Posted 2 years ago

Location: Remote/telework

Industry: Financial Services
Job Category: Information Technology – System Development

Job Purpose:

The Architecture Competency Lead – Hosting Space, will be responsible for providing advanced consulting and guidance at the most complex level of infrastructure architecture. They will drive the technology strategy, infrastructure architecture, pattern development and infrastructure related services to deliver high impact, timely solutions to the business. The incumbent will be accountable for ownership of enterprise level infrastructure pattern/template development required to meet the needs of all business lines or departments.

This position is also responsible for providing people leadership to staff and development of their competencies. The Architecture Competency Lead develops the competency and the people aligned with that technical skill; owns vended staffing; partners with Service Owners, Product Owners and Group Leaders to appropriately staff the assigned teams.

Job Responsibilities:

(List of general activities, duties and/or tasks typically performed within the job.)

Competency Leadership

Advance the Competency

Define professional standards/work methodology within the architecture competency with a focus on latest modern cloud and hybrid cloud solutions and techniques.
Develop and train architecture competencies within staff to increase productivity.
Set up interaction and knowledge sharing processes among team members in different agile teams.
Creates a culture that drives innovation, high quality and outcome-based value delivery.
Set and continuously evolve vision for architecture competency in line with industry and organization standards.
Personnel Management and Development

Create an atmosphere of confidence and trust in the Group and motivate to fulfill technical competency’s tasks.
Agrees personal development goals and does final assessment of Competency employees in professional development.
Make proposals on the competency’s composition and headcount.
Resolve organizational issues with the competency.
Create an environment for personal growth and continuous learning.
Participating in Product Implementation

Participate in solving complex problems that require the highest competency level as an expert or organizer of the necessary consultations with the other experts.
Assist product owner in identifying most suited competency member for the required work in agile teams.
Architecture Practice

Promote Group / Product agility by leading evolutionary architecture approaches (e.g. microservices, cloud shippable products, etc.)
Recommend IT team skills that are needed to design, build, deploy, and maintain cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure
Drive “how” to build a modern cloud/hybrid-based infrastructure applying knowledge of the business needs, industry standards, technical architecture, and emerging technologies
Create & drive the creation of high-quality enterprise infrastructure patterns and frameworks used by architects, engineers and developers to create solutions in a systematic, controlled, and efficient manner
Mentor IT teams on new infrastructure patterns, frameworks, technologies, techniques, and methods
Work with other architects on infrastructure solution option feasibility analysis to ensure solutions align to enterprise architecture goals
Participate in planning, defining and high-level designing of a solution – explore architectural alternatives and aid Agile teams in identifying technologies and making architectural decisions
Synchronize architectural solution among Agile teams and resolve architectural differences and dependencies within the Group
Define critical non-functional requirements for the solution
Recommend changes to current architecture of the Group, as needed based on industry/group changes
Manage interdependencies with architectural solutions of other Groups
Helping business counterparts in defining solutions to business problems
Trusted advisor to Product owner on defining how to develop the solution, prioritize technical debt, or enablers
Design Enterprise’s/Groups/Products target architecture and maintain technical roadmap
Make sure architecture conforms to the agreed / defined architectural standards and target architecture
Design architectural standards together with architects outside the Group / Product
Decide whether to pilot new technology solutions in the Group and make proposals to roll out successful solutions (coordinating with architects outside Group)
Make sure Product/Service architecture conforms to the Group/Products target architecture
Ensure that solutions developed meet nonfunctional requirements such as security, resiliency, etc.
Participate in release preparation and planning to determine the necessary architectural improvements according to the architecture roadmap and current priorities in the Product backlog
Job Requirements:

10+ years of experience and recognized as an expert in architecture including demonstrated proficiency in the last five years in infrastructure architecture with a big emphasis on more modern Cloud-based and hybrid cloud environments.
5+ years of experience managing technical staff, interviewing, hiring and assessing personnel.
Demonstrated superior knowledge in industry best practices, tools, and methodologies to design, build and deploy highly scalable cloud and hybrid cloud environments
Demonstrated ability to lead a cross-functional team in the application of any new infrastructure related patterns, best practices and services at the enterprise level
Able to develop a staffing plan that meets both work demand and financial constraints.
Experience in developing methods and standards and promoting work standards among other employees of the company.
Proven skills in coaching team members in the areas of performance standards and work methods.
Proven ability to resolve conflicts in Agile team before they escalate (mediation skills).
Ability to create an atmosphere of trust and comfortable/efficient work environment.
Innovation and strategic thinking to be able to continuously improve and evolve competency.
Security Clearance Required: No

Visa Candidate Considered: No

Base Salary – USD $121,000 to $152,000
Benefits – Full
Relocation Assistance Available – No
Commission Compensation – No
Bonus Eligible – Yes
Overtime Eligible – No
Interview Travel Reimbursed – No

7+ to 10 years experience
Seniority Level – Mid-Senior
Management Experience Required – No
Minimum Education – High School Diploma or Equivalent
Willingness to Travel – Never

The company’s largest customers are credit unions and their members—this has been the bulk of what they’ve done throughout the history of the company. They provide credit unions with business protection insurance and other products/services that help CU’s protect their assets, provide business sustainability, and to better serve their members. Additionally, within the credit union space, we offer retirement and investment products.

In addition to serving CU’s and their members, they’re also actively creating, testing and acquiring new Direct to Consumer products to individuals across the United States. Some recent examples of this are Safety Net (a self-funded unemployment insurance), Bivvy Pet Insurance, Safety Net which is a B2B2E product.

They’re in a stage of rapid transition and growth as they evolve their business to serve their end mission which is to ‘help people achieve financial security’.

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