What are the Pros and Cons of using Recruitment Sevices?

Pros and Cons of using Recruitment Sevices

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There are now more than 23000 registered recruitment agencies in a £53 Billion industry, why is there this need and how to choose the right recruitment service?

3 Pros of Using a Recruitment Services

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1. Saving Time & Money

Company Owners and Hiring managers consistently use recruitment agencies. If used properly, it is the best outsourced serviced any company can use. By using professionally recruitment consultants to identify, located and discretely contact talent. Companies save time and money by recruiting the right candidates swiftly and add value to the performance of the company generating revenues.

2. Find the right Candidates

More and more companies are using more than one recruitment company. This is because different recruitment companies have needed specialities. Any easy way to do this is to use a recruitment market place. Jowicom Recruitment has already placed half its placements with companies using such services. Recruitment companies like Jowicom are adding a social aspect to their services. This helps consultants feel more value and actually have more opportunity to earn more. This also means they are well positioned to attracted the most relevant candidates.

3. Sourcing & Future Prospects 

Recruitment companies are well positioned to help companies plan for the future. With arrangements made with universities for graduates to seek work with them, they can identify the best companies for the candidates to apply. Considerations like individual growth, work life balance and company ambitions are becoming more relevant. Recruitment companies will also have a pool of candidates that are ready to go or are actively seeking new work. Sometimes companies are looking for a headhunting services. It is important to use services that are discrete. This are generally used for executive or specialist roles.

3 Cons of Using Recruitment Companies

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1. Finding the Right Services

Problem - It can be a necessity to use recruitment companies, especially if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. If you don't choose the right recruitment service or services, this can sometimes waste time and money.

Solution - For this reason its god to choose . Generic will have large pools, this is handy for swifter recruitment

2. Robotic and Impersonal

Problem - Some recruitment companies have become machines, a conveyor belt of processing profiles. This is partially due to technology and growth. They have lost touch with their clients or are used for high churn of staff. Such as manufacturing or minimum pay labour roles.

Solution - Its important to trial and seek if its part of their offer service that they seek candidates that fill their requirements (qualifications & experience), but most importantly understand their clients company environment, ethos and management set-up.Recruitment services that can use both old personable techniques and modern accessibility, do best. Find the recruitment company that bases its business model on this!

3. Target Driven Consultants

Problem - While many recruitment managers are under pressure to put pressure on their consultants to place quickly to reach targets, this can be counter-productive. Recruitment consultants that are under pressure to meet targets are often pushing irrelevant profiles, setting unprofessional ads and often not being discrete enough. This doesn't represent well amongst any associated clients.

Solution - Ue a recruitment company and service that offers incentives NOT targets. A basic with incentives to place relevant candidates and retain business with hiring managers and business owners, will be rewarded with a happy consultant. Happy consultant do better. They know they are adding value and being rewarded for their diligent work and through recruitment processing.

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