How to write a CV?

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I have been in recruitment for twelve years now, and I still only receive around two out of ten CV’s that are actually well presented enough to use. Is your CV one of the eight that aren’t good enough to use?

I have often called up candidates after they have applied for a role, to find out why, as their CV does not show some or all of the requirements needed to apply for the job. Often, I find out they they do actually have the qualification, skill-set or experience, but just haven’t inserted it.

Whether job profiles are drafted up by HR, Hiring Managers or or Recruitment Consultants, its very important to understand that they have written it in a specific way to find the most relevant candidates.

Do you send out the same CV to different roles? Unless your CV matches all of the ‘must have’ requires, don’t bother waisting your time or the hiring manager time. You are building a negative reputation for yourself and your name will be remembered.

So here are some key CV tips,

  1. Use a well structured format that has a neat layout and easy to read.
  2. Have a core strength section near the top that is relevant to the jobs requirements.
  3. If you use a profile image, make sure its positive, appropriate and professional.
  4. Read up on the company and try to imagine how you can add value for them in the role you are applying. Portray this in your CV and Cover Letter.
  5. Highlight or bolden key words that the Hiring Manager is seeking. Particular qualification, experience or skill mentioned in the job requirements.

Remember to do these 5 things and at the very least you should be shortlisted for the role.

The good news for you, is that many candidates will not follow these tips, which gives you a better chance of being selected for your desired role.

Make your next career move by starting with your CV.

Happy job hunting, if you need help Jowicom will help you for a fee.

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